• UMD Spring Sustainability Fair- Climate Change and the UMD Energy Action Plan
    April 14, 2011

    UMD’s Sustainability Fair will be held on April 19 and 20.

  • Irish Join Renewable Energy Challenge
    March 16, 2011

    The Rosemount Irish Green Team has joined the KidWind Renewable Energy Challenge. The team will participate in a renewable energy fair and competition on May 7th at Great River Energy.

  • Rosemount Green Team at CERTs Clean Energy Convergence
    March 16, 2011

    The Irish Green Team presented their carbon cutting, energy saving plan at the CERTS Clean Energy Convergence on Feb. 3.

  • Video: Powering the Future with Solar at Eden Valley Watkins High School
    December 7, 2010

    Watch this short video to find out how a group of Minnesota high school students installed a solar PV project!

  • Northfield School of Arts and Technology Adds Carbon Neutral Greenhouse
    December 7, 2010

    This October 2010, a greenhouse joined the panels, with funding support from Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon

  • UMD Winter Fair focuses on Sustainability as the new "business as usual"
    December 6, 2010

    The 2010 Winter Sustainability Fair has come and gone, and definitely did not go unnoticed.

    Writer and director Chris Paine headlined the Sustainability Fair.

  • Minnesota Parent and MnSCC
    October 5, 2010


    Light on their feet

    By Lauren Peck

    Carbon footprints shrink with student efforts

    Light meters. Infrared thermometers. Phantom load. Most of these words are probably a bit puzzling and technical sounding to a lot of people. However, many Minnesota students are throwing around these terms with ease as they work to make their schools more eco-friendly through the program, Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon (MnSCC).

  • Help Someone Install A New Thermostat & Win A Solar-Powered iPod Charger!
    September 21, 2010

    Keep the music going on a sunny day! Join the CERTs Honeywell Programmable Thermostat Program to win!

  • Become a fan of Willmar Community Greenhouse on facebook.
    July 29, 2010
  • Becker Market
    July 29, 2010

    All summer we have been growing, harvesting in our outdoor gardens, and selling produce at Becker Market in downtown Willmar. We are always looking for more volunteers to help out.