Carbon Footprint Calculator Tool

Congratulations on developing new projects for your school and perhaps the surrounding community to cut carbon emissions!

Now the questions are:

  • How many carbon emissions will be reduced by your project?
  • How many carbon emissions has your school reduced since last year?

Click to download These instructions will help you estimate how many carbon emissions your project can reduce and also how to keep your school’s carbon footprint updated each year.

Click here to download the Carbon Calculator Tool & Instructions >

The instructions are divided into two parts:

1) Instructions for Using the Carbon Footprint Calculator: This set of instructions will help you to update your school’s carbon footprint at the end of each calendar year. You can compare the total carbon emissions from year to year to show the overall effect of carbon reduction projects and programs at your school.

2) Instructions for Estimating the Carbon Reduction Associated with Projects: This set of instructions will help you to estimate the carbon reduction amounts associated with specific projects. Some of the projects can be estimated by using a copy of the Carbon Footprint Calculator and entering the reduction amounts of fuel, electricity, vehicle miles traveled, etc. and recording the carbon emissions associated with the reduction. Other unique projects, such as tree planting or recycling, may involve separate calculations by hand (and a calculator!) using carbon emissions factors provided below.