Its Green Week at Central Lakes College

Central Lakes College

Central Lakes College is inaugurating Green Week Jan. 19-22

Co-sponsors are the student-driven Green Club and the faculty- and staff-led Green Team.

Activities include the Recycling Challenge to see who can collect the most cans and bottles to win free pizza, car pooling to win gas cards, a clothing drive and giveaway, solid waste sorting in the cafeteria, posted tips for going green and a free showing of “Wall-E” with popcorn.

The Green Club at CLC is planning “Power-Off Day,” a February event to demonstrate how the college is doing its part in the Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon initiative.

Old holiday lights were collected for recycling at the Brainerd campus. More than 150 pounds were received, according to Sandra Kaplan, a Green Team member.

Kaplan said that adult clothing and outerwear not procured by students during Green Week will be donated to a nonprofit used clothing outlet.

Central Lakes College is a co-sponsor of the Jan. 30 Back to Basics event at the Pine River-Backus School, which offers numerous workshops and exhibits related to energy efficiencies and renewable resources.

The Brainerd campus of CLC on April 24 will host the Living Green Expo.
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