Osseo Senior High School

317 2nd Avenue NW , Osseo, MN 55369
OSH Green Club

We are a small group of students dedicated to making a positive impact on our school by raising awareness for sustainable living and implementing “green” projects.

Ann Johnson, johnsona@district279.org

Recycling Program


In order to effectively ensure that all recyclables actually end up in a recycling bin, The Green Club ordered biodegradable cardboard recycling bins from Pepsi and placed them throughout the hallways. Each bin has a top with a circle cut out specifically for cans and bottles, so students who pass a bin in the hall know that each bin is for recyclables only. The Green Club also issued recycling bin toppers (tagboard sheets cut to fit over regular garbage bins designated as recycling bins in classrooms) with a circle cut in the top to keep trash out and recylables in. The toppers include the phrase, “Cans and Bottles Only!” in order to remind students to separate their trash from recyclables. Each can and bottle recycling bin is placed next to the paper recycling bin throughout classrooms in the school.
Cafeteria recycling bins are also instituted in three spots throughout the cafeteria. Each bin is equiped with a large sign and top with a circle opening for cans and bottles. All bins are then emptied into the recycling container in the back of the school and picked up weekly.

Our goal is to continue the recycling program throughout the school in the coming years and to ensure that all recyclables materials are being recycled.

Purchasing Vending Misers

Energy conservation

Our school has eight vending machines in public areas. We are contacting Pepsi to request that we be allowed to de-lamp the vending machines and to split the cost of purchasing three more vending misers to reduce our energy use. If Pepsi doesn’t help, we are prepared to purchase the three misers ourselves. Signs will be posted to educate students and staff about the function of the misers and energy conservation. We will be able to monitor the energy use through our utility bills.

Our goal is to stimulate the minds of the hundreds of students who use the vending machines each day by posting informational yet inventive signs near the machines regarding the purpose of the Vending Misers. We hope that this small effort will inspire our classmates to take small steps toward a sustainable lifestyle.

Purchasing New Recycling Bins

Community engagement

We currently have biodegradable cardboard recycling bins in the hallways which need to be replaced with something more durable. Green Club is contacting local recycling companies to ask for a price reduction on the new bins, but we are prepared to purchase the bins ourselves if necessary. To heighten the profile of our efforts, we will hold a competition for students to paint the bins with “green” motifs – similar to competitions that cities hold for artists to paint several of the cities mascots, such as the “Snoopy” dogs that St. Paul used one year. This will create publicity for the cause and instill a sense of pride and ownership in the recycling bins and program.

By purchasing and decorating new recycling bins, we hope to bring the importance of recycling our dwindling resources to the student body’s attention. We are excited to see the response to the “greenified” bins and look forward to watching them, instead of the trash cans, fill with recyclables.

Bike/Walk/Carpool to School Day


As a part of National Bike/Walk Week, Osseo Senior High is encouraging students to do what they can to use environmentally friendly transportation. Members of the Green Club will promote using alternate transportation during lunches on Monday (May 11) and Tuesday (May 12), as well as in classes. Posters have also been posted around the school. Each poster includes the catch phrase “Got Gas? Keep it in your tank.” Information concerning what the week is, how to register at bikewalkweek.org, and the Green Club’s event and prize details are included on the poster.

In addtion to promoting this event, the Green Club will be holding a raffle for students who pledge to participate this week. The raffle tickets will be made from ripped pieces of paper found in teacher’s recycling bins. These tickets will be handed out during lunch and classes to students who pledge to participate on Wednesday by biking, walking, or carpooling to school. Students will write their names on a ticket and give it back to the Green Club members throughout lunch and classes. The prizes for the raffle will be three reusable water bottles and a gift card to a restaurant of the winner’s choice.
As an incentive for participation, a section of the parking lot will be labeled with orange tape. The goal of labeling this section is to have encouraged enough students to participate that that section will not fill with cars. By labeling this section, students will see the effort made by other students to use environmentally friendly transportation.

Our goal for this project is to reduce the number of cars driven to school by students. We also want to encourgage students to use environmentally friendly transportation, as often as possible.