Hawley Public Schools

915 7th St , Hawley , MN 56549
Hawley Green Team

The Hawley Green Team is a group of environmentally-minded students who want to make a difference at our school and then work to better our community. The high school principal is the advisor for us. In the last 14 months, we have completed the following projects:

1. All copy paper is now made from post-consumer waste. We were able to get our service cooperative to make this available to all schools in the region. Now, even better, they have a contract for the entire state! This all started in Hawley!

2. All concessions and school store cups are made from corn.

3. Our school recycles everything possible.

4. Last year the big bulletin board in the high school was dedicated to a greener life style. The elementary has an area that changes every couple of months to remind kids and others what they can do.

5. Our school put in an R/O water system for students to encourage them to refill their own bottles and not buy plastic disposable water bottles.

6. Last year there was s new article put on the web site each week to teach people how to live greener.

7. We had Community Ed conduct a class to teach people how to compost.

8. Students were given the opportunity to purchase environmental t-shirts. The shirts were made from products that had minimal impact, if any, on the enviroment.

9. The high school used environmental issues as the common theme in all classes. One example comes from our woods classes where green building techniques is a unit now. Most teachers participated in this thematic instruction at various times.

10. We visited MSCTC-Fergus Falls to meet with the administration to see what they have been doing and what ideas we could use here.

This year, we hope to accomplish these tasks:

1. Hold a car tire-air pressure checking/filling station for morning commuters around Earth Day.

2. Get more energy efficient hand dryers in all bathrooms (we’ve submitted a grant).

3. Get motion-sensing light switches in rooms often left unoccupied but where the lights are typically on.

4. Investigate composting for our school.

5. Have meatless meals periodically to teach students how this can cut carbon.

Martin Mike, mmartin@hawley.k12.mn.us