Byron High School

1887 2nd Ave NW , Byron , MN 55920
Julie Senska,

Recycling Project

Green building

The Go Green Club at Byron High School decided our school really needed a basic recycling system in place. The group invited a guest speaker from Olmsted County Recycling to gain information. A waste count was completed at the end of a school day to determine how much recyclable material was placed into trash bins instead of being recycled. The students really got into this activity and discovered a lot of material that should be recycled is being disposed of incorrectly. A video was developed with student actors; educational information was inserted and played to the entire student body. Staff have begun to cancel publications and advertisement distributions they do not want to help reduce waste. Bulletin boards displays and posters have been placed in strategic locations. The waste hauler was contacted and additional recycling bins were placed throughout the school. Educational efforts will continue next year and expand to other grade levels.
We were please that our school did well on the energy audit because with many energy savings devices and policies were already in place.

Click on the attachment to see the video.

Reduce waste and recycle when appropriate.