Hutchinson High School

1200 Roberts Road , Hutchinson, MN 55350
HHS Cutting Carbon

Group of students concerned about reducing their schools energy consumption! Thinking of ways to minimize our carbon footprint!

Katharine Plowman",

Tree Planting--helping to offset our emissions!

Green building

HHS will be working with the City of Hutchinson to coordinate a tree-drive where students and staff have the ability to purchase a tree w/ the HHS Cutting Carbon team. Students and staff can either buy a tree to plant at their home or have HHS Cutting Carbon students plant at the high school. For every tree a person purchases the Cutting Carbon team will but an additonal tree to match the persons tree purchase. The matched tree will then be planted on site at the high school, strategically positioned to provide natural shade on the building, decreasing air condition costs. Also helping clean the air!

Reduce energy required to cool the school and increase air quality.

No Idling Campaign

Energy conservation

Buying a sign that asks students, parents and staff to turn off their cars while waiting to pick up students from school.

Reduce carbon emissions on school grounds and provide cleaner air for school and community.

School Composting Program

Energy conservation

HHS Cutting Carbon Team is working with the Future Farmers of America chapter at HHS to create a composting program. HHS CC and FFA are discussing with the city-owned municipal compost business Creekside to coordinate a pick-up for all compost waste created by HHS. A school wide education campaign along with compost monitors and large easy to identify compost signs will help make the switch to composting seem second-nature. Implementation is scheduled for Fall 09’ beginning with kitchen staff and the school and progressing to ALL Hutchinson’s public schools.

Create less waste that goes to landfills.

Passive Greenhouse

Local food

Create a passive greenhouse that will provide fresh foods during the winter months to HHS kitchen staff. Baby stages here. Getting a consult for feasibility of project. Do not have enough money to make this a reality yet. Searching for grants.

Food travels something like 1500 miles. If we could get food right outside the high school’s door imagine how much transportation fuel we could save! Not to mention the health benefits of nutrient-rich, fresh, whole foods!

Alternative Transportation Week


HHS is coordinating a week where students pledge to use an alternative mode of transportation for either 1 day or the entire week in May. (Or ride the bus or carpool). Students will sign up and then be entered in to win prizes throughout the week donated by local businesses. Mid week a tire pressure check will be conducted where students will be able to air their tires for free to increase the efficiency of their vehicles mpg.

Reduce our school’s transportation footprint.

Recycling Education Campaign

Energy conservation

Going into classrooms to do 5 minute briefs on what is recyclable and the importance of recycling. Will also attach examples of what goes into each recycling bucket to prevent contamination. Make signs that explain recycling numbers on bottoms of plastic.

Reduce contamination of recycling. Increase communities overall awareness of what they can and cannot recycle.

Electronic Syllabi

Energy conservation

HHS in fall 09’ will be implementing an online syllabi that will require teachers to have students access their syllabus online as opposed to a printed handout. Teachers will also be encouraged to create a course website that would allow students to read and submit assignments online.

Reduce paper consumption.